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Misfuelling can happen to anyone – here is how to prevent it.

June 16th, 2009 No comments

With the number of vehicles on the road today it’s not surprising to know that it’s now common to find more people having the misfortune of misfuelling their diesel cars.

The misfuelling of Diesel cars is not only a misfortunate event but also a costly one, often not covered by your insurance company.

Misfuelling your Diesel car doesn’t just mean that you need to have your fuel tank emptied – it can be much worse than that.  In the worst case scenario you could find yourself replacing nearly the entire fuelling system of your vehicle as certain parts can end up getting damaged beyond repair.

Misfuelling now affects nearly 150,000 people a year – imagine how costly the repair of 150,000 car engines is!  You might wonder why so many people put the wrong fuel in their car.  The simple fact is that it’s an easy mistake to make, and can happen after only a single moment of a lapse In concentration.

Thankfully, Diesel car owners will now be pleased to know that there are now a number of products on the market to help prevent you putting petrol into your Diesel car.  The main reason behind misfuelling is that the petrol nozzle is much smaller than the diesel nozzle, and so fits easily into the neck of the fuel tank.

Some devices on the market just act as a visual or audible warning when the fuel cap is opened, where as others actual fit on top of the fuel neck and actually prevent the petrol fuel nozzle from being inserted into the vehicle.

If you own a diesel car and don’t yet have a misfuelling device then I would highly recommend it.  We all think that misfuelling is something that happens to someone else, but in reality it could happen to anyone – even you.