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www.brake-tester.co.uk The New BrakeCheck Website

aide automotive have released a web site dedicated to the BrakeCheck decelerometer.
BrakeCheck is ideal for any commercial vehicle operator or repairer to complete the often requested inspection sheet brake test.
BrakeCheck has no connection to the vehicle, simply position the brake tester in the vehicle, arm for test, accelerate to 20KPH and activate a controlled emergency stop. Once the vehicle has come to rest the Peak & Average deceleration is recorded with the extra benefit of a left and right pull measurement. Brake Efficiency is usual word for Peak Deceleration.
VOSA recommend decelerometers for all commercial vehicle inspection sheet brake tests!

Richard Dixon of VOSA – Statement On Inspection Brake Testing

If an operator conducts a decelerometer test on the vehicle during inspections then as a Vehicle Examiner I would be quite happy that an efficiency check of some kind had been conducted.

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