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Air Line Breakdowns. Bessie Is Faster Than A Phone Call & Could save Hundreds of Pounds a Year

March 5th, 2011 No comments

Following major interest from transport companies in the New Bessie Quick Air Line Replacement System.

We are pleased to now offer the Bessie Semi Kit following customer feedback and reviews of the Bessie.

The Bessie Semi Kit is designed to help reduce costs and save on existing air lines.


The Bessie Semi Kit contains 2 new lines and the additional items required to convert 2 existing air that were removed from the vehicle to Bessie Lines and then to be used as the spare lines.


Matthew Burke stated “we always like to listen and take on board all comments with regard to our new and existing products, cost is always something we try to improve on and in this occasion we have found a way make a product more cost effective and not to create unnecessary waste.”


Broken airlines are reported to be 10% of truck breakdowns and a persistent problem to transport firms as breakdown fees and down time could lead to missed delivery slots and fines.

The Bessie Air Line Replacement System is designed to reduce breakdown down time, fees and missed delivery slots. As Bessie is effectively a normal airline with a quick release coupling on both ends a driver can replace a broken line within minutes and then be on the way to make that all important delivery time slot.

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