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Caravan Tow Tester & Lights

June 16th, 2017

Caravan Electrical Lights Tester

TestaTow Becomes The Ultimate Towing Tester

Testing and serving caravan electrics is of major importance for road safety.
Following the winter holiday break caravans should be serviced and checked before starting out for the Easter holidays.

The Caravan Electrical Tester TestaTow will cover all the functions on the 12N and 12S as well as the modern Pin Plug.

The Caravan Lights & Fridge Tester, TestaTow incorporates a AMP Current draw of power for the Fridge and Battery Charging / Permanent Live.
TestaTow the Ultimate 12 Volt Caravan Lights Tester will hold power on the faulty circuit leaving both your hands free while you trace the problem. Then if you need to work on the circuit you can use the handset to switch the power to another light or off altogether.
With the Remote Handset repairs can be carried out without risking a short circuit, switch the power to re-do the test without needing to move from the place where you are working. As there is no need to keep walking back and forth to tow a vehicle, the test and repair times are really very quick even when you have more than one faulty light.
Further TestaTow will test the pulling vehicles Tow Bar Electrics, testing of a Tow Bar is now part of that compulsory MOT test, having the option to test a Tow Bar upon a customers fault report covers all potential links in the vehicles electrical fault chain.
TestaTow is well constructed for any workshop and is powered by internal batteries, re chargeable via the mains charger supplied.
Caravan Electrics tester, TestaTow can be used by caravan dealer workshops to a single caravan maintenance engineer.
Contact aide automotive to purchase the TestaTow or ask any further questions.
12 Volt Caravan Electrical Tester

Caravan Electrical Lights Tester
TestaTow Becomes The Ultimate Towing Tester

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