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12 Volt Battery Tester

November 15th, 2010

3 In 1 Battery Tester, Charger & Memory Saver


BatteryCheck is a small and compact high performance electronically controlled plug in battery charger and tester, in addition BatteryCheck is also a battery back while repairing or replacing electronic items within a vehicle.

BatteryCheck has been designed from dealer mandated product technology for the everyday MOT or service garage, BatteryCheck’s neat compact design is ideal for a workshop and with microprocessor controlled technology the BatteryCheck offers any workshop a high end product at an affordable price.

BatteryCheck’s will test a battery, the charge status and the functionality of the alternator in one simple process, battery over charging is impossible as the microprocessor controlled technology monitors all functions of the BatteryCheck.

BatteryCheck can be used to test conventional lead-acid, lead-calcium/silver, or sealant type batteries (AGM, MF) as well as maintenance free lead-gel batteries. Able to charge deeply discharged batteries, a reverse polarity protection system is also integrated into the BatteryCheck.

Protective features:

Electronic reverse polarity protection
Thermal overload protection
Safety cut-out
Electronically safe
Short-circuit protection

Charging Capacity:

Charging Voltage 12 Volt
Charging current 6 A
Battery capacity 3-200Ah


BatteryCheck is priced at £159.00 + vat.

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12 Volt Battery Tester

12 Volt Battery Tester

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