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Tyre Pressure Monitoring for Bikes

Tyre Pressure monitoring is an important procedure to ensure the safety of all vehicles. Checking tyre pressure on a regular basis is essential to avoid unnecessary blowouts. By investing a small amount in a Tyre Pressure Monitoring device, this could save thousands of pounds in replacement tyres.

One such device that does this is PressurePro, a device that continually reads tyre pressures and reports readings via Radio Frequency (RF). Audible and visual alerts warn drivers to low or high tyre pressures. Further to adding greater safety and convenience to vehicles, other significant benefits from maintaining the correct pressure include increased fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, decreased maintenance, diminished downtime and reduced emissions.

 aide automotive has been stocking this product for a number of months now and it’s proving to be a successful product.  Now there is a new product that they’re about to launch to motor cycle owners, PressurePro Motor Cycle Monitor. PressurePro’s 6 wheel ‘Moto’ Monitor allows users to monitor up to 6 wheel positions allowing easy monitoring of motorcycles.

PressurePro Monitors are capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 199 psi, provide two levels of low pressure alerts (the first at 12.5% and the second at 25% drop in pressure), and can display pressures in PSI, BAR or kPa. The ‘Moto’ Monitor features a built-in antenna and weatherproof casing for added versatility. Light sensors automatically adjust the Monitor’s brightness to allow for maximum readability and safety for all riding conditions.

 Matthew Burke of aide automotive says PressurePro is already a popular product with our client base so we’re really impressed with this new product aimed at motorcycle drivers.  Tyre Pressure Monitoring is an important procedure for any driver, but a blow out on a motorbike can have serious consequences which makes PressurePro Motorcycle Monitor an essential item for the Motocyclist!

 Visit  aide automotive or call 0115 845 6471 for more details.

 PressurePro Motorcycle Monitor - monitors tyre pressure for bikes

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