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Fuel theft stopped at Starmer Transport

February 6th, 2013 Comments off

aide automotive recently supplied Anti Syphon Devices to Starmer Transport.

TP Anti Syph is a high quality device that helps to prevent the theft of fuel from commercial vehicles.

TP Anti Syph and FuelKeep Value are two cost effective products to stop quick siphoning of fuel from truck tanks.

Tony stated “to prevent fuel theft from our fleet of truck we purchased Anti Siphon devices from aide automotive. The service was second to none”.

Following recent fuel thefts in Wales, Detective Inspector Matthew Sedgebeer said: “What is most worrying is some thieves are syphoning from the petrol tank of a lorry while the driver is sleeping in the cab. We are aware of hot spot areas and will be taking action against those caught stealing fuel.”

Contact aide automotive on 0115 845 6471

Fuel Hike Means its Hard

July 26th, 2009 No comments

The Road Haulage Association says in the past few weeks hauliers have had an extra £1,000 a truck slapped on to their annual fuel bill. 

“On 22 April 2009, the Chancellor told us he expected energy prices to come down,” said Kate Gibbs, head of communications for the RHA.  “The opposite happened.”  She says this adds more weight to the RHA’s case to drop the planned two pence a litre duty hike in September.  If it goes ahead, Gibbs says the third rise in nine months will equate to fuel tax rise of 12%. 

The RHA says this will hurt already hard-pressed hauliers.  “The health of the UK road freight industry is key to the recovery of UK plc.  The healthier the industry, the more rapidly the economy will recover.  Surely the Chancellor realises that?”

With fuel prices increasing all the time hauliers should review the aide automotive TP Anti Syph to stop fuel theft.