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Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

A Necessity for Commercial Vehicle Operators and Repairers

State of the art truck diagnostic tools are becoming a necessity for any commercial vehicle operator or repairer. Vehicle break-downs are an extremely costly exercise for operators in terms of time, call outs and delayed customer deliveries. In the current economic climate a truck diagnostic tool is a great asset for any company as it instantly homes in on the problem allowing immediate action to be taken.

Without diagnostic tools, workshops would be forced to outsource repairs, dash board warning light clearing and ECU code clearing from expensive dealers or expert diagnostic repairers.

aide automotive’s  MULTI coverage truck, trailer and car diagnostic tools for all independent workshops is capable of interrogating the majority of systems on a large number of vehicle brands/models.  Matthew Burke of aide automotive says, “A diagnostic tool is a must for the modern day garage, without a diagnostic tool repairs will be outsourced more and more leaving your fitters and garage redundant, diagnostic is the future of repairing and once trained is not difficult to use and understand. What was once considered a luxury tool is now a necessity to run a productive business.”

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