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ISOCheck ABS Tester

November 30th, 2010

ABS Warning lights, what do they mean?

This may be a common question from drivers but do we all really know the answer?

Well lets make it simple! There are only three main light sequences that you really need to be concerned with, they are;

1. ON/OFF – At standstill

2. ON – Until the vehicle is driven above 7 kph then OFF

3. ON/OFF/ON – Until the vehicle is driven above 7 kph

With the introduction of programmable warning lights in EBS systems it has become a bit harder to know what a drivers dashboard should be doing but with a couple of simple tests the answer is there. If the truck and trailer are both ABS sockets, start by just connecting the trailer and turn on the ignition, the trailer warning light in the cab should come on, if the light goes ON/OFF then this is the sequence, if the light goes ON/OFF/ON, then this is the sequence, if the light is ON and stays on then drive the truck and trailer above 7kph, if the light goes OFF then this is your sequence. However please note if the light stays ON after a test drive then there is a fault in the system which requires maintenance before the truck and trailer can be utilised.

So how can we decide if the fault lies with a truck or trailer?

Also to make matters worse newer trucks now have an LCD or electronic dashboard, so we need to establish which light is actually for the trailer. With each manufacturer having individual lights it can be quite confusing.

So this is where the ISOCheck can be used, the ISOCheck is not only used to test the power from the truck but can be used to show you the warning light function of your trailer.

 First plug the ISOCheck Indicator into the trucks ABS Socket, turn on the ignition, this will test all power form the truck, and if all is OK the ISOCheck will light up GREEN, if there is a fault RED. Once the truck is proven to be OK, turn the ISOCheck around and connect the ISOCheck Indicator into the trailers ASB Socket and the normal end into the truck, ignition on and the warning light in the cab should come on and the ISOCheck Indicator will turn RED as the warning light is ON. If the warning light in the cab then goes out, then the ISOCheck will turn to GREEN. If this happens it not only proves again that the truck power is OK but also it proves the trailers ABS is working.

 The next step is to test drive the trailer above 7 kph, if the warning light comes on while starting to move then the ISOCheck will turn RED. Stop the truck and trailer and remove the ISOCheck indicator from the ABS Socket on the trailer, if the ISOCheck stays RED then the fault is on the truck, if it turns GREEN then the fault is on the trailer. The ISOCheck is as simple as that! Ideal for workshop fitters and drivers the ISOCheck pinpoints faults with the truck or trailer even when mismatching old trucks with new trailers and vice a versa, saving time and money by directing the repairer to the correct area.

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