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Brake Tester for Trucks and Trailers

November 18th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Brake Testing is an important precedure for vehicles and now there is a new device that tests the brakes on both thetruck and the trailer. RJ Edwards in Warrington have trialled this new product and have been instrumental in it’s development, giving valuable feedback from testing it on it’s own vehicles and allowing the manufacturers to develop the product accordingly

After a recent test inspection for RJ Edwards with VOSA planned from a view to expand their fleet, they demonstrated the new product to VOSA, who agreed it would be an acceptable tool for a Brake Tester on Trailers and Trucks.

Trevor Edwards owner of RJ Edwards says. We needed to purchase a Brake Tester for our vehicles and when looking what was on the market it seemed that we were going to have to buy two separate brake testers, one for the truck and one for the trailer. However aide automotive had the perfect solution for us, BrakeCheck TT is a dual unit enabling me to test both the truck and the trailer with the same unit! This device has saved me the hassle and the cost of buying two separate units, I now have one tester not two. We can’t recommend this product to other companies enough

This new version of the product is called BrakeCheck TT – Brakecheck for Truck and Trailer. BrakeCheck has been proven to be an excellent inspection sheet brake tester for all commercial vehicles with over 11000 testers sold since 2002. With many commercial operators and repairers using the BrakeCheck to conduct a VOSA accepted brake test on every inspection, BrakeCheck is the number 1 decelerometer on the market today!

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