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ISOCheck Sells Like Hot Cakes

Since the introduction of the ISOCheck to aide automotive product range, sales have increased each day.

Companies wishing to purchase this product include, DHL, Derek Linch Transport, TDG, Alex Aiken & Son, WH Malcolm and S.H Pratt & Co (Bananas) Limited.

Many other companies have show interest in the product with sales currently at 75 +.

The ISOCheck Test Lead is designed with a ring of bright LED’s, with a correct operating system a ring of GREEN LED’s will light, enabling any manager or driver to easily see if the system is operational, a ring of RED LED’s indicates a fault.

To test, simply plug into the ISO socket on the tractor, if GREEN then turn the lead around and plug into the trailer, this will indicate if a fault lies with the tractor or the trailer.

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