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Father & Son convicted for Fuel Theft

A father and son worked together to steal more than £17,000 worth of diesel from a Spalding transport company.
Browns Transport became suspicious of Darren Barkworth because he was using a lot of diesel. The police were contacted and in the early hours of March 16 they saw Darren Barkworth stop his lorry in a layby at Bicker. He got out and walked around the lorry before doing a U-turn and heading back towards Donington. Police checked the layby and found three drums full of diesel.
A few hours later police saw Gordon Barkworth collect the drums. He was stopped and three 25-litre drums filled with diesel and siphoning equipment were found in his car.
This employee theft could have been stopped by fitting a TP Anti Syph or FuelKeep, aide automotive have sold thousands of devices to stop fuel theft.
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