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Trailer Pallet Truck Secured

March 31st, 2014

Trailer Pallet Truck

Lee Lock Secures A Load As VOSA makes load security a top issue! Load security is one of the top issues when Paul Walker, VOSA’s Industry Liaison Manager, talks to Operators and Drivers across the country.

Paul says: ”During my meetings with the road haulage sector I am often asked about load safety. I always underline the importance of the driver walk around check to ensure that the load is safe and secure. If there are any doubts, you should not drive the vehicle until you are satisfied that it is safe.” “We want hauliers to go safely about their business without interruption. But if you are stopped by VOSA enforcement officers and there are concerns about load security then we will take robust action.” “Unsafe loads are a risk to all road users, so I would strongly urge operators and drivers to make time for the driver walk around check.” Make sure your load is safe All drivers of goods carrying commercial vehicles have a legal responsibility to ensure the load is secure to the vehicle. As part of the driver daily walk round check the load security should be checked as a matter of course. Even when a driver collects a pre-loaded vehicle they are responsible for making sure the load is secure. Ask yourself if: · the load can slide or topple forward or back? · the load can slide or topple off the side? · the load is unstable? · the load securing equipment is in good condition? · there is anything loose that might fall off the load or vehicle? · the load security or stability presents an immediate risk of injury? If the answer to any of these questions is yes or you have any doubt, then reconsider the securing of the load to the vehicle. These are the type of questions VOSA enforcement officers will ask themselves when assessing the load security of your vehicle. So for those that carry a Pallet Truck the need to secure it professionally has never been more prevalent.

Pallet Truck Lock Lee Lock is designed to lock the pallet truck in place at all times, hence reducing any chance of the truck slamming into other pallets, slashing the curtain side and as the pallet truck slots into the lock there’s no chance of moving or falling from a trailer.

aide automotive have seen more an more companies review the Lock in the last few months, with the ideal time to fit the lock at a trailer build many companies use a body builder to add the Pallet Truck Lock to a trailer or rigid truck. You can read more by clicking on Pallet Truck Lock.

Lee Lock secures Pallets whilst in transit

Lee Lock secures Pallets whilst in transit

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