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Pallet Truck Damage

June 6th, 2010

Lee Lock is a product designed to stop damage to trucks and cargo.
Recently Norbert Dentressangle have started to specify the Lee Lock on all new trailers, this has resulted in orders totaling 84 Lee Locks from Bevan Motor Group and Montracon Ltd.
Lee Lock will stop any potential damage to curtain sides, in transit cargo and any potential employee injuries.
The common way to hold a pallet truck is to throw an old tyre into the back of a trailer, lifting a heavy truck into a tyre could result in back injury or strained muscle.
Other inadequate solutions are to turn the truck on its side, this again is not ideal as the truck is not secure and could leak oil.
Lee Lock is now the ideal Health & Safety solution for storing a Pallet Truck, easy to install and a relatively low cost Lee Lock is the Health & Safety product for a Pallet Truck.
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