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PSV Anti Fuel Theft Prevention

July 4th, 2013

Bayliss Travel recently purchased a range of PSV Anti Fuel Theft Prevention devices from aide automotive ltd.

Bus & coach operators are reporting an increase in fuel stolen while vehicles are parked in yards and depots overnight; with tanks full for the next days work the thieves can syphon tens of litres quickly and quietly.

With the spiralling cost of fuel, police have issued a warning to business owners to ensure fuel is kept as secure as possible.

Relatively easy to fit,  PSV Anti Syphon Devices are a payback investment against stolen diesel fuel.

For coaches with minimal clearance between the body and filler neck, we can offer a Lo Profile version.

Matthew Burke Point out “The fuel prices rise and so does the theft of fuel. Fitting any fuel theft prevention product is a way of helping to reduce this problem. Our Anti Siphon products are easy to fit and on PSV’s  reduce the possibility of theft to more or less zero.”


Contact aide automotive for a fleet quote by clicking on PSV Fuel Theft Prevention


Anti Siphon Device For Buses Or PSV

Anti Siphon Device to Stop Fuel Theft From Buses, Coaches Or PSV

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