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Van Trailer Tester

April 10th, 2013

TrailerCheck 4 Vans installed in 22 TIP Service Vans. aide automotive Ltd

TrailerCheck’s ECU diagnostics Reader has now the option of reading and clearing codes on the following systems: Haldex, Wabco & Knor Bremse Anti Lock Braking Systems and Haldex, Wabco & Knor Bremse Electronic Braking Systems.


TrailerCheck is available is portable test boxes or van / workshop installed units. Remote Code Talk also covers reading and clearing of fault codes within the trailers ECU. Furthermore TrailerCheck 4 VansĀ  / Workshop also incorporates air test gauges enabling a total one man maintenance tool for trailers.

TIP Trailer Rental part of GE Capital recently placed an order for 22 Trailer Lights and Diagnostic testers, positive feedback made the decision to move from a Scrutineer to the Van TrailerCheck.


Trailer Daignostic Tester Code Reader

Trailer Tester As Supplied to TIP Trailer Rental

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