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HGV Air / Electrical (Susie) Coil Covers / Sock

July 26th, 2021 Comments off

Easy Purchases Of The HGV Air / Electrical Coil Covers @ aide auto’s Website
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Choose from Yellow

These covers are a quick and easy fit to a Trucks Coiled Susie Cables, Air Cables & the ISO Susie.

A Weather proof & protective sleeve, this “Sock” will protect the Air / Electrical Hoses.

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HGV Winter Battery Testers – Great Deals!

January 13th, 2021 Comments off

Winter is on its way! ??

Test, Check & Recharge HGV Truck Vehicle Batteries…….

“TEST & CHARGE” is the recommendation for all garages while inspecting or maintaining vehicles this winter.

So with great deals on Midtronics MDX 12/24 volt battery testers, “Test & Charge This Winter!”

Our refurbished MDX Battery testers are of great value & with 12 months warranty this is a great deal to equip a Commercial Vehicle garage with a quality battery tester.

Great saving of 50% from the list price of New MDX Midtronics Battery Testers

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Midtronics MDX600 Battery Tester
Midtronics MDX 12/24 volt battery testers, “Test & Charge This Winter

Truck Brake Air Line Replacement System – Bessie

February 8th, 2017 Comments off

Quick Air Line Replacement Product

Bessie is a Truck Brake Susie Coil Replacement Product from aide automotive ltd.

Broken airlines, the cause of potentially 10% of all artic breakdowns, are a persistent problem for transport firms, but a new product aims to combat the issue in a simple and cost-effective way.

This product is an innovative method of replacing Truck / Trailer broken airlines, the unique air line lock allows replacement coils to be fitted by the driver, no technical knowledge, tools or fitting equipment necessary.

The Truck Brake Susie Coil Replacement System complies with the latest European legislation, the legislation states the tractor end must be secured by pilfer-proof lock.
The Truck Brake Air Line Replacement System contains 2 new lines and the additional items required to convert 2 existing lines to spare air lines.
The benefits of the system are:
1. No airlines derived workshop or main dealer call out leading to reduced fleet costs via fuel usage, tyre wear, technical time, travelling time and van mileage.
2. No Airline derived downtime leading to reduced fleet costs via better utilization of the drivers hours and equipment.
3. No missed deliveries as a result of damaged airlines leading to customer satisfaction and potential increase in business.
4. No late penalties attributed to airline failure.
5. No adverse traffic issues due to airline failure giving the fleet a better public profile within the environment.
6. No loss of valuable drivers hours.
The Bessie System could well revolutionise the truck and trailer market and save transport companies thousands of pounds a year.
aide automotive can be contacted via email or by phone – 0115 8456471

Broken Truck Air Lines - Check Our Bessie

Bessie Easy Truck Susie Coil Repairs

Truck Battery Booster

November 24th, 2014 Comments off

aide automotive have introduced a new product within the commercial vehicle workshop product range called Heavy Duty Power & Jump Starter Or Battery Booster

HD PowerJump has been developed following the need for a reliable and safe power solution to the TrailerCheck 4 Vans trailer light & diagnostic tester. Now with the solution provided and tested the HD Power Jump can also been utilised within a fleet service van for effective safe power and a truck jump start breakdown service.

For a price specification contact aide automotive at the HD PowerJump Truck Battery Booster product page, call 0115 8456471 or email

The HD PowerJump is a compact quality retro fit product for a commercial vehicle service van, connecting to two heavy duty 12 volt batteries, the HDJP provides automatic charge to the two batteries while on road to a service call. Once the ignition is switched off the HDJP will provide a stable 24 volts for servicing a truck or trailer. Switching the ignition on would automatically reset the HDJP to a 12 volt charge cycle. In addition there is a an override button if the van is required to be running while servicing.

Truck Battery Booster

HD PowerJump is a compact quality retro fit product for a commercial vehicle service van,

Truck Battery Booster

December 14th, 2012 Comments off

aide automotive strive to offer quality equipment that’s the best of it’s kind whatever the product. Battery Boosters are offered from many suppliers, but are all products of this type effective?

The SOS Battery Booster will start engines when cold or dead flat.

As we enter the winter months and some potentially awful weather the strain upon batteries is greater than in the summer months. Drivers rely on lights and heaters to assist them on their journey, which means greater utilisation of a vehicle’s battery. This can easily result in batteries dropping below the necessary voltage to start the vehicle. If this results in a vehicle breakdown A vehicle breakdown the knock on effect for a business could be late deliveries and expensive call outs.

Our commercial vehicle boosters are able to start heavy plant engines up to 1500HP which have been stationary for long periods, in extreme weather conditions and without batteries.

Developed from aerospace technology, the range offers a whole host of benefits when compared to traditional “Boosting” products, these include extra long Radaflex ® cables, electronic protection and internal fusing. With the highest cranking amps and peak amps capacity on the market the SOS Boosters offers a high quality battery booster, its ergonomic design makes storing and handling very easy.

aide automotive offer 12 & 24 volt battery boosters with a range of amps specifications.