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Skimming prevention Anti Syphon Device

October 26th, 2011

Hercules is a Skimming prevention anti syphon device from aide automotive ltd.

The Hercules Fuel Security and Safety Device is the only device to prevent ANY fuel loss due to its unique float-valve that allows fuel to flow into the tank, but locks off once filling is stopped, meaning no fuel can be siphoned.

Also the Hercules can reduce fuel spillage, stopping spiilages is good for the environment and safety on the road.

With fuel theft on the increase this product prevents thieves from siphoning and skimming fuel from the tank. Another benefit is that it prevents fuel spillages. All in all it saves an organisation money in terms of the cost of potential stolen fuel, replacement fuel and fuel spillages.

Contact aide automotive by clicking on Hercules Anti Syphon Device.


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