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EBS/ABS Sensor Tester

November 4th, 2011

Europart of Denmark have now been appointed distributors for Denamrk of the EBS/ABS Sensor Tester.

Using the Sensor Tester to check a sensor, the gap and exciter ring Royal Mail found they were able to easily and cost effectively repair warning lights faults on trucks and trailers without the need for expensive diagnostics tools or dealer trips.

All workshops requires fast, accurate and effective tools to diagnose faults easily and quickly. A high percentage of brake EBS/ABS faults are around the sensor or the sensor itself.

Europart have ordered over 100 testers since September with an excellet response from customers.

To review the ABS Tester, click on Sensor Tester ABS.

aide automotive sell and marekt the EBS/ABS Sensor Tester in the UK.

Truck Trailer ABS Sensor Tester

Sensor Tester for ABS or EBS

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