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In Cab CCTV system provides evidence for Corporate Manslaughter Act

January 15th, 2010 No comments

Company bosses and owners need to give careful consideration to the corporate manslaughter bid. Companies should ensure they are collating evidence to demonstrate they are doing everything necessary to monitor health and safety standards. This Evidence is needed to  demonstrate driving standards are monitored and RTA’s (road traffic accidents) are reported for claims and data needed in courts.

The X-Driven Driving Recording System is a hand held portable camera system for any vehicle which acts as a witness for crime, theft or third party RTA’s. This device records will the time and location of any incident, displays video footage of the view through the windscreen and the speed at which the vehicle is traveling.

The X-Driven has two great uses it acts as a recorded witness in insurance claims, and is also the ideal method for observing the driving standard of fleet drivers.

I just purchased this excellent product from aide automotive, I’m so impressed with the information it provides me that I intend to purchase one for each of my entire fleet! Dave Webber, Webber Transport

Follow this link for full product details In Cab CCTV device

Corporate Manslaughter for Coach Hire Company

December 17th, 2009 No comments

Two partners in 1-4-You Coaches of Burntwood, Staffordshire, have been jailed after the brakes failed on an elderly Bova Futura coach on Staxton Hill near Scarborough, causing it to hit a car, killing the car’s two occupants. Robert Ouhgton (53), who was driving the coach, was sentenced to five years and three months. His partner John Lote (61) was sentenced to three years. The accident happened in September 2008.

Oughton and Lote had both admitted manslaughter due to gross negligence at a previous hearing. Oughton also admitted causing death by dangerous driving.”

With reference to the outcome with 1-4-You coaches Matthew Burke of aide automotive says: “With latest corporate laws in the UK no business can afford to skip on maintenance or paper work.

aide automotive are always promoting good maintenance to bus and coach companies and with the BrakeCheck or EBS/ABS Sensor Tester these companies have affordable good test tools for brake testing and maintenance.

With regard to paper work aide automotive have simplified the system required for company owners and managers to advise employees and drivers what is required when driving on company business, Route Safe tells each driver daily to drive responsible and check the vehicle is road worthy.”


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First conviction for Corporate Manslaughter Act!

July 28th, 2009 No comments

The Corporate Manslaughter Act’s first charge happened in April this year, a director was charged with manslaughter after not taking due care. This man could possibly be jailed for life if he is convicted.

The majority  of businesses take Health and Safety seriously, but how many can honestly they could demonstrate they’ve have done everything possible to safe keep their workforce and communicated their Health and Safety policy to all employees.

In the event of an organisation being accused of an offence under the  Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007, they need to have the information to demonstrate they are not guilty

So how can a company do this?   The new Health and Safety area of the aide automotive website showcases a number of products from Brake Testers, Tyre Pressure Monitors and Duty of Care issues. These devices are the tools a business needs to demonstrate they have done everything possible to protect their employees whilst driving on company business.