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Quarry Brake Testing

October 14th, 2009 No comments

The brake testing of quarry or off-road plant has been carried out for many years in the UK, other countries have also adopted the practice.

Before electronic instruments became available, the usual method was to set a post standard and test by stopping distance. Over the years this was seen to be inaccurate if the set speed at braking was incorrect, as many mobile plant machines do not have a speedometter, then a guess would be made by the driver.

With electronic brake testers such as the BrakeCheck 4 Quarries from aide automotive ltd, the inaccuracy is taken away and the user will receive an accurate brake report every time.

Many quarry companies use the BrakeCheck 4 Quarries to great effect, Hanson UK, Aggregate Industries, Tarmac & Roadstone Dublin, Roadstone who are owned by CRH in the USA have made the use of BrakeCheck 4 Quarries a must for all operations in Europe.

BrakeCheck 4 Quarries also incorporates a Hand Brake Test, this test is unique to our tester and enables the operator to report on a passed or failed hand brake.

Off road plant or quarry vehicles are recommended to meet brake performance figures, these are for dump trucks a bare minimum of 19% and for front end loaders a minimum of 28%, dump trucks should be loaded and loaders not.

The Quarries and Mines Inspectorate recommend the use of electronic brake testers as can be seen in there publication Hard Target (email for a copy)

BrakeCheck 4 Quarries can be supplied with a PC downloading kit or portable printer kit, with a 99 test memory on the service brake and hand brake.

BrakeCheck can also be used for all on road vehicles, approved by VOSA for MOT stations and commercial vehicle inspections.