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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Is Crucial

Tyres Incorrectly Infated could cost you £150 per year!

AirAlert the money saving gadget

AirAlert the money saving gadget

One of the main causes of vehicle breakdowns is dangerous tyres. Both incorrect tyre pressure and tyre tread will cause your vehicle to be unsafe on the road. Not only is it unsafe but the average driver loses £150/yr from driving on under-inflated tyres.

Problems Caused – Under inflation can lead to your tyres overheating. Over inflated tyres will lead to rapid wear of your tyres. If you are caught with illegal tyre tread you will incure a hefty fine of up to £2,500 per tyre.

 What to do?

 Always keep a spare wheel and jack in your boot, and know how to change a tyre.

Check pressure level of your tyres. To find out what level your tyres should be at take a look at your vehicle handbook or speak to your main dealer.

AirAlert is a fantastic gadget that will alert the driver to a loss of pressure, low cost and with an expected life of up to 4 years this device has a payback opportunity.

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