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Trailer Light Tester

September 2nd, 2011

TrailerCheck 4 Vans is an ideal cost effective trailer diagnostic tester and service tool.

Designed to be installed in a van or workshop, the TrailerCheck 4 Vans will power, test air brakes and read / clear the ECU of a commercial trailer.

An intelligent unit, the TrailerCheck 4 Vans pulses the lighting circuits to conserve battery power and will not burn out short circuits. Powered on for 2 seconds and then off for 1, TrailerCheck has the capability to power multiple trailers without the inconvenience of continually recharging batteries. In diagnostic mode a single circuit can be powered for fault finding, TrailerCheck is also protected against short circuits, if so the micro processor will keep resetting with a back up fuse as protection.
Two air test gauges are incorporated within the TrailerCheck with a hand held remote brake activator and digital pressure gauge, one operator can be under a trailer activating brakes and reading pressures.
Switching brakes on and off allows the user to look for wear in s cams and faulty slack adjusters, activating the brakes while under the trailer operators are able to see all components working to identify faults and wear. The digital pressure gauge measures pressure at the brake chamber, ideal for setting load sensing valves.


EBS Trailers can be tested for CAN line integrity, a quick and simple test to confirm the CAN lines are OK or at fault.

TrailerCheck 4 Vans is priced at £1,495.00, with the option to add the Remote Controller and Diagnostic Code Reader for an extra £900.00. All plus VAT.

aide automotive are the main dealers for the Trailer Light Tester TrailerCheck.

TrailerCheck Light Tester Service Tool for Commercial Trailers

Trailer Light Tester to test lights and air brakes on a commercial trailer

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