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Truck / HGV Anti Fuel Theft Siphon Device

October 19th, 2021 Comments off

NEW ULTRA Plus the premium anti-siphon device for the worlds Commercial Vehicles – Lets take a dissection look !!

Here’s what we see:
All Truck Fuel Caps Are Compatible
Corrosion Resistant
Anti Siphon Device Sealed to the Tank
Holes & Slots of 5.5 mm to stop siphon pipes
Pyramid Bottom to increase flow rate
Steel Gauze – Filter & Flow Enhancer

An Anti Truck Fuel Theft Prevention device is extremely cost effective, saving hauliers from vehicle downtime & stolen fuel / diesel.

Truck Fuel Theft Siphon
NEW ULTRA Plus the premium anti-siphon device for the worlds Commercial Vehicles – Lets take a dissection look !!

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Jagelo Haulage A Loyal Customer Likes FuelKeep

February 5th, 2021 Comments off

Jagelo Haulage a loyal customer who likes the FuelKeep so much its now a standard fit.

Thanks to Vytautas who recently sent through some before & after photos of the FuelKeep install on a new addition to the truck fleet.

FuelKeep is aide automotive’s low cost Anti Siphon device to protect HGV diesel. Jagelo Haulage have been adding a device to all trucks in the fleet, this is what they say:

Jagelo Haulage
“I did have a trial of a FuelKeep and so far happy with it, was as easy to fit and is as good quality as higher cost anti siphons…
Should this cost £32.50 I do feel its fair price and value for money.”

With just 2 of the FuelKeep Anti Siphons left for a low cost trial & test..

From the 50 ASD’s we had to off load to prove the product just 2 are left. We have seen some great photos & response to the products qualities & ease of fitting.

So if you have the need to protect your fuel from those pesky thieves then jump on board & try a FuelKeep today.

So if you want to test & see for your self, buy one now at : FuelKeep HGV Anti Fuel Theft Offer

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Haulage Trucks Fit Anti Siphon
Jagelo Haulage A Loyal Customer Stops Fuel Theft

Truck TankGuard Fuel Tank Alarm installed

September 23rd, 2020 Comments off

Fly By Nite Undertake Diesel Tank Alarm Install

Day complete of first install for Fly By Nite Conferences in Redditch

The TankGuard Fuel Tank Alarm installed on some BIG fuel tanks across the fleet.

Fly By Nite’s specialised vehicles and dedicated drivers are trusted to deliver by some of the biggest names in the Music, Entertainment, Corporate and Exhibition industries, located in Redditch, close to Junction 3 of the M42.

With the trucks crossing all Europe, Richard Brown opted to protect the twin tanks on each truck with the aide automotive TankGuard Fuel Alarm.

Tank Guard has a sophisticated sensor fitted externally in a discreet location on the outside of the fuel tank. If thieves attempt to remove the locked cap, or jemmy out the sender unit or in any way attack the tank then the Tank Guard will alarm

TankGuard Alarms with 113 decibals when those #fuel pests hang around the truck diesel tank

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Diesel Theft
Protect Against Fuel HGV Theft