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aide automotive launches new product! PressurePro™

aide automotive is proud to become the UK distributor for a Tyre Pressure Monitoring product called, PressurePro™.


PressurePro™ is a system that monitors tyre pressure, which alerts the driver through an in cab LCD screen when pressure falls below the recommended PSI. Pressure Pro enables the driver to take corrective action before a dangerous low tyre pressure situation occurs.


Simple to install and easy to operate PressurePro™ is a proactive solution that  takes the ownership away from people checking their tyres on a regular basis. This device gives both a visual and audible alert!


Phillip G. Zaroor  President, CEO and Founder of Advantage PressurePro states “PressurePro™ has been a huge success in the US and we’re now looking forward to working with aide automotive as the UK Distributor”


Follow this link for testimonials of companies who’ve been using PressurePro™ in the states.


Or contact aide automotive for further information on this product.


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