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Electric & Hybrid Car Safety Tools

March 23rd, 2018 Comments off

aide’s Hybrid & Electric Car Tool Kits Wins Nationwide Order

With the emergence of Hybrid & Electric vehicles on UK roads, the need to service & maintain via franchise and after market garages is now upon us.

With the growth in environmental awareness, the use of electric and hybrid vehicles (E&HVs) is increasing. The recovery, repair, and maintenance of these vehicles outside the manufacturers and franchised dealership networks is increasing.

People in the motor vehicle repair and recovery industry are now more likely to come across E&HVs and as a result need to be aware of the additional hazards they may be exposed to when working with these vehicles. They may also need to develop a wider range of skills and knowledge and have access to specialist tools and equipment in order to be able to work safely.
Voltages present in E&HVs are significantly higher (currently up to 650 Volts direct current (dc)) than those used in other vehicles (12/24 Volts dc). In dry conditions, accidental contact with parts that are live at voltages above 110 Volts dc can be fatal. For E&HVs dc voltages between 60 and 1500 Volts are referred to as ‘high voltage’. This terminology is used in this guidance although high voltage is defined differently in other industry sectors.
Battery systems may contain chemicals that can be harmful if released. They also store significant amounts of energy that can give rise to explosion if not dealt with correctly.
There are substantial differences in the designs of E&HVs from different manufacturers. Having information specific to the manufacturer and the vehicle being worked on is important in identifying what actions are necessary to work safely.
With this aide automotive have introduced a stater Hybrid / Electric Car Safe to Service Tool Kit to help garages acquire the correct SAFE tools.
A nationwide garage service network has introduced a service plan for Hybrid / Electric Cars and hence purchased 320 Hybrid / Electric Car Safety Tool Kits.
Additional skills and training will be necessary to allow people to work safely with E&HVs,
Contact aide automotive to enquire about the Hybrid / Electric Car Safety Tool Kits today!
Electric & Hybrid Car Safety Tools

aide’s Hybrid & Electric Car Tool Kits Wins Nationwide Order