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Brake Efficiency Tester

March 5th, 2013

aide automotives Brake Efficiency Tester BrakeCheck is the ideal way to test vehicle brakes.

VOSA are continually advising operators, commercial repairers and in house workshops to complete regular inspection sheet brake test.

Being electronic there is a much higher accuracy and additional information such as average deceleration, a left/right pull measurement, speed at braking and stopping distance. All tests are time and date stamped.

BrakeCheck can be used and is accepted by VOSA for many vehicles, in the commercial sector VOSA approve BrakeCheck for testing all commercial type vehicles on every inspection. Within the MOT centre this device is used as back up to the roller tester but used in principal on 4×4 vehicles.

Gary Moir of MSK Waste said ” Using a Brake Efficiceny Tester such as a BrakeCheck has saved this company hundreds of pounds as taking vehicles to rollers testers for an inspection brake test is unecessary.”

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Brake Efficiency Tester

Brake Tester Uisng Brake Efficiency to Report On Truck Brakes

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