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GasAlert – New Product From aide automotive

April 22nd, 2009 No comments

Increasingly thieves are using KO gases to immobilise drivers while the goods are removed and stolen, targeting overnight rest stops up and down the country drivers are sent into a into a much deeper slumber, incapacitating he or she for several hours.

The anonymousness of a remote parking area is welcomed by a growing number of unscrupulous burglars, which use narcotic gas to put their victims into a deep sleep to gain easy access to their cash, credit cards, ID cards, laptops, mobiles and most of all the trailers cargo! Don’t wake up to a disaster, be on the safe side with this Gas Alarm detector.

The GasAlert recognises all common narcotic gases regardless of whether they are based on ether, chloroform, butane, ethane or trichloroethane. The alarm is triggered as soon as it detects any hazardous substances in the air.


The noise of its integrated buzzer just can’t be ignored. For extra warning a red LED also lights. Once the GasAlert has been activated, the gas detector starts its self testing mode and automatically adjusts itself to the ambient air. Any system malfunctions are immediately indicated. A self test can be performed by simply pressing the self test button.


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