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Young staff not fit to drive!

April 10th, 2009 No comments

There’s an interesting article in Fleet News  debating the issues around businesses taking on young drivers and the implications on companies insurance. GM motors have taken a brave step of not employing drivers under the age of 22, in a step to reduce their insurance costs which they claim to have come down by £1.2 million in the first two years of introducing this policy. However there is a less drastic alternative, aide automotive have  introduced a new product called the Drivers Eye , an electronic sensor that monitor’s employee’s driving habits, giving immediate feedback and empowering companies to take responsibility for it’s drivers.

This product enables a company to monitor it’ employees whatever their age, however in particular it helps with younger drivers who are less experienced.  Not only does it enable companies to monitor driving habits but it also acts as a deterrent against dangerous driving if an individual knows they’re being monitored!


With tougher restrictions from the Health and Safety Executive regarding driving on business and corporate manslaughter, how can managers state they are doing everything reasonably practicable to reduce the daily road risks their drivers face?


Matthew Burke of aide automotive believes this product has the answer This excellent device offers companies the ability to monitor drivers whilst they’re out on the road. Low cost and very easily installed The Drivers Eye captures key driving data in terms of speed, distance and sudden braking. This enables managers to assess employees driving habits and take proactive actions to improve the safety of other road users and there own  drivers”.