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Agricultural Trailer Tester Includes ABS Warning Light Test

September 28th, 2017
Agricultural Trailer Tester Now includes Brake warning light test!
aide automotives Agricultural Trailer Tester “TestaTow” can now test the tractor cab brake warning light. For those agricultural trailers operating the more modern brake systems with a dedicated ISO line, TestaTow will mimic the brake systems warning light to confirm the system is operational or not.
Agricultural Trailer Tester, TestaTow is the professionals choice, portable and well constructed the 12 Volt TestaTow quickly tests any trailer without the need of a vehicle or battery. No more carrying car batteries around and DIY wire connections, TestaTow is built in a ergonomic housing .
With TestaTow also offering a bad earth test and a full lighting test, this tester is probably the best Towing tester around.
For those operators or repairers that may not want to test the ABS warning light, Agricultural Trailer Tester, TestaTow can be purchased with or without the ABS warning light test.
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Agri TestaTow - tests modern agricultural trailers

Agricultural TestaTow has the added feature of an ISO ABS warning light test

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