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12 Volt Vehicle Trailer & Caravan Electrical Light Tester

July 13th, 2021 Comments off

We Produce / Market / Sell The TestaTow! But will also listen & Progress…

Latest Update to the TestaTow We have updated the software with a new double power test.

Watch the video of the TestaTow Latest Test via the Google Link

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TestaTow is a 12 Volt portable Trailer Wiring Tester for Trailers such as Farming / Agricultural trailers & the smaller road trailers such as Ifor Williams, Brian James, Bateson Trailers, Indespension Trailers & Horse Box Trailers.

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Agricultural tractor Brake Test would meet the road worthines

March 2nd, 2018 Comments off

Tractors To Require An O Licence

Agricultural tractors “likely” to require an O-licence

aide automotive have recently seen media reports of agricultural vehicles possibly being made to meet better road safety regulations as per commercial vehicles on UK roads.
Commercial Motor published:
Agricultural tractors that carry out commercial haulage will be subject to roadworthiness testing requirements from next year – and are likely to fall under the O-licensing regime.
From 20 May 2018, operators of agricultural tractors capable of travelling more than 40km/h (approximately 25mph), used to carry commercial goods, will be required to undergo a roadworthiness test four years after their registration and every two years thereafter.
In its response to a consultation carried out last year, the DfT also noted that operators of such tractors would likely require an O-licence.
However, the RHA said the changes did not go far enough to address the concerns about competition, and said allowing tractors to carry freight will encourage more to be used for haulage.
“Ideally we would like to see these vehicles banned from moving freight on public roads entirely as their design is not equivalent to well-designed lorries for that task,” said policy director Duncan Buchanan.
“We do not believe that the frequency, four years for the first test then every two years, is justified. It looks very odd for heavy vehicles like these to be tested so infrequently when a 50cc moped is required to be tested every year after three years.”
The FTA’s head of policy and compliance information, James Firth, added: “If it looks like a truck or it’s doing the work of a truck, test it like a truck. Members in areas where agriculture is a primary economy have long raised concerns that agricultural tractor units, and specially developed fast tractors, were competing in the haulage market without being burdened by the same safety standards.”
On the subject of O-licensing, Buchanan added: “If it is the case then operators would need to obtain O-licences from when the vehicle was new. They should also have to comply with the same level of rigour as lorries.”
Vernon Hill, director at Kings Lynn-based Vernon Hill Agricultural Services, supported bringing tractors into the O-licensing regime.
He said: “An agricultural contractor friend of mine who runs lorries and tractors thinks the cost of each is very similar, so if farmers think they are saving money by not using a haulier they may be kidding themselves.
“If they are doing commercial haulage, why shouldn’t they be in scope of O-licensing?”
The weight and speed limits for farm tractors and trailers on UK roads increased in 2015. Tractors are not currently subject to mandatory testing.
If tractors are to fall under the O licence criteria, agricultural workshops and repair engineers will have to look at regular brake testing, one way to test tractor brakes is the BrakeCheck decelerometer.
Easy to use and with hard copy print options, brake testing a agricultural tractor with a BrakeCheck would meet the road worthiness requirement of an O licence.
Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 for BrakeCheck pricing and any further information that me be required.

Brake Tester For Farming Tractors

Test Agri Tractor Brakes With BrakeCheck

Agricultural Trailer Tester Includes ABS Warning Light Test

September 28th, 2017 Comments off
Agricultural Trailer Tester Now includes Brake warning light test!
aide automotives Agricultural Trailer Tester “TestaTow” can now test the tractor cab brake warning light. For those agricultural trailers operating the more modern brake systems with a dedicated ISO line, TestaTow will mimic the brake systems warning light to confirm the system is operational or not.
Agricultural Trailer Tester, TestaTow is the professionals choice, portable and well constructed the 12 Volt TestaTow quickly tests any trailer without the need of a vehicle or battery. No more carrying car batteries around and DIY wire connections, TestaTow is built in a ergonomic housing .
With TestaTow also offering a bad earth test and a full lighting test, this tester is probably the best Towing tester around.
For those operators or repairers that may not want to test the ABS warning light, Agricultural Trailer Tester, TestaTow can be purchased with or without the ABS warning light test.
Contact aide automotive via email or by phone on 0115 8456471

Agri TestaTow - tests modern agricultural trailers

Agricultural TestaTow has the added feature of an ISO ABS warning light test

Agricultural Trailer Light Tester

June 9th, 2017 Comments off

Agricultural Farming Trailer Light Tester

New Agri Trailer Light Tester – TestaTow

Improving on an earlier version of the Agricultural Trailer Light Tester, The New TestTow is a universal Towing tester.

Agricultural Trailer Electrical Tester, TestaTow is designed to make the testing and repair of trailer lights faster and much simpler.The Agricultural Trailer Light Tester will hold power on the faulty circuit leaving both hands free while you trace the problem. Then if you need to work on the circuit you use the handset to switch the power to another light or off altogether. Thus repairing without risking a short circuit, switch the power to re test with no need to move.
Agricultural Trailer TestaTow is portable and well constructed, a 12 Volt Trailer tester, TestaTow quickly tests any trailer without the need of a vehicle or battery. No more carrying car batteries around and DIY wire connections, built in a ergonomic housing.
Agricultural Trailer Electrical Tester, TestaTow, reduces guesswork and saves time by powering each trailer electrical circuit.
TestaTow will also have the accessory of a Radio Remote Control, activating circuits while at the rear of the trailer saves leg time!
Powered by internal batteries the Agricultural Trailer Tester TestaTow is supplied with a mains charger.
For the modern ABS Agri trailers with ECU’s, we can also offer the Trailer Diagnostics Product “Code Talk”.
Code Talk will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing ABS/EBS fault codes on Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex systems.
Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 for a quote.

12 Volt Trailer Tester

Agricultural Trailer Light Tester, The New TestTow is a universal Towing tester.