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Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Alarm

September 26th, 2013

Van drivers in the West Midlands have been warned to be on guard for metal thieves, who are targeting catalytic converters.

PC Sean Lowe of the Dudley Police Local Priority Team says: “A number of vehicles are being targeted – particularly vans. So, to address this issue, we have launched Operation Boss Cat, to specifically tackle the persistent issue of catalytic converter thefts.

“In the current climate, and with precious metal prices still rising, the demand for parts that contain them is growing and the risk of theft of catalytic converters is on the increase again.”

Police patrols will step up their visits to theft hotspots and to scrap dealers in the region, and will also be offering free property marking of catalytic converters at several MOT garages across the borough, allowing officers to easily identify stolen car parts via ultra-violet light.

CatGuard is a Catalytic Converter Theft alarm.

CatGuard is fitted to a vehicle in less than an hour and if thieves attempt to remove the Catalytic Converter theft alarm will be activated. This will result in a 114 decibel siren or voice alarm giving a deafening warning along with a high intensity flashing strobe to drive the thieves away.

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