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Air Coil Red Line Trailer Locks

June 14th, 2012

Trailer VOR Management Via Air Coil Red Line Trailer Locks Is Ideal To Stop VOR Trailers From Being Used

Air Coil Red Line Trailer / Red Line Locks have been used widely in the management of VOR trailers or even security.

The original SuzieLok supplied by ASD Security Ltd is no longer available but aide automotive can still supply a excellent quality lock.

Matthew Burke commented “We have sold the trailer locks for many years and it’s the ideal way to stop a trailer from being moved in the yard or even as a security product for trailers parked away from premises. Since ASD stopped supplying the original lock we have now marketed a replacement which has shown to be as good and if not better as the RRP is below the ASD lock. Recent customers have offered good feedback and it’s a product we can keep marketing and supplying our customers.”


If you need to manage VOR trailers then this lock is an ideal cost effective tool, using a number plate style VOR sign, trailers have been known to be used as this doesn’t stop people from hooking up to a tractor unit.

As the  Lock is easy to operate and install, this lock provides a quick, clean method to protect VOR trailers from being moved or returned to road duty. Trailer Red Line locks also provide a very simple and cost effect deterrent against opportunistic theft.

Trailer Locks can be assigned universal keys or unique individual keys.

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