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TowBar Tester Pro Details & Picture

November 14th, 2011

With the new requirement of testing 13 Pin tow bar electrics from January 2012, aide automotive have introduced a tester for the “professionals ” The Tow Bar Tester Pro.
Testing 13 pin tow bar electrics will be a growing requirement of the MOT over the next 3 years, with many new cars havingĀ  tow bars with 13 pin rather than the 7 pin sockets used in the past. Also, when caravans moved to 13 pin sockets in 2009, many cars had 13 pin sockets installed therefore a number of cars will need testing within 2012 and many more in 2013 / 2014.

As the TowBar Tester Pro is the ultimate towing electrical tester it can also be used to test the positive 12 volt ignition switched live and positive 15 volt ignition live. To complete all tow bar electrical tests the Tow Bar Tester Pro will also test the reverse lamp. As this is the most comprehensive tester on the market, every tow bar test undertaken will leave you satisfied all aspects of the tow bar electrics are working and your customer can tow with confidence.
So with the RIGHT tester there is no chance of wasting time consulting VOSA on erratic test readings, no chance of incorrect failures and also has usages beyond the MOT test.

Contact aide automotive by clicking on 13 Pin Tow Bar Tester.


MOT Approved Tow Bar Tester

13 Pin MOT Apporved Tow Bar Tester

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