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PressurePro Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Here are some quotes from people in the tyre industry and media:

* “Underinflated tyres can cause excessive heat build up and result in a multitude of problems.”  Firestone Tire Co., Consumer Tire Recall Bulletin, November 2000

* “A properly inflated tyre, on average, will have a savings of about five percent on fuel over a tire that is improperly inflated.”  Harvey Brodsky; Managing Director, Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB), as quoted in Fleet Maintenance, March 2006

* “Of the 3 top retreaders in the U.S., Bandag; Goodyear & Oliver Retreading Systems; all agree that proper tyre maintenance is the key to a good retread.”  David Cullen; Sr. Editor, Fleet Owner Magazine

* “Pressure maintenance is still the foremost thing that a fleet can do to get the most out of its tyres. Pressure maintenance is a very labor intensive process and very expensive.”  Guy Walenga ; Commercial Products Engineering. Mgr., Bridgstone/Firestone

* “Nothing beats good maintenance”  Ray Labuda; V.P. of Tyre Technology, Hankook Tire of America

* “Several maintenance practices are critical, especially tyre inflation.”  Jerry Strigle; Goodyear Tyre & Rubber

* “Most fleets that have significant problems with tires don’t have a program to insure tyres are run at the correct pressures.”  Bill Forsch; Yokohama Tyre Corp

* “Underinflation especially effects the success rate for retreading. It damages casings. Retreading can wind up being expensive for fleets that don’t monitor air pressure.”  Bill Forsch; Yokohama Tire Corp.

* “Incorrect inflation can lead to heat damage of the casing; fatigue in the belts, sidewalls and beads; irregular tread wear; premature tread loss; reduced braking efficiency, and even lower fuel economy due to increased rolling resistance.”  Guy Walenga ; Commercial Products Engineering. Mgr., Bridgstone/Firestone

* “A tyre will rotate 500-plus times every mile, and with each rotation, every point in the tyre is flexing. When a tyre is underinflated, this flexing is more pronounced. That hastens tyre fatigue by generating more heat than if the proper pressure level were maintained.”  Guy Walenga ; Bridgstone/Firestone

* “Tyre Inflation tops everyone’s list of critical tyre-maintenance elements.”  David Cullen; Sr. Editor, Fleet Owner Magazine

* “Proper inflation is a must. The most critical factor in tyre maintenance is proper inflation. Running a tyre underinflated can have serious consequences. Over-inflation can also cause serious damage to a tyre.”  TMC, The Maintenance Council; Guide to Tyre-wear Conditions an Causes.


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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

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