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Midtronics Battery Testers

Testing batteries of any vehicle is a great start to confirm vehicle efficiency. With increased battery technology testing batteries is now a scientific test. Using a multi meter is an unreliable test, and also with testing comes proving.

Our testers can provide a print out for your customer or records. Midtronics Battery Testers can be used on any type of vehicle, from cars, motorcycles to light or heavy commercials.

Critical parts like tyres and brakes can always be replaced before they fail, but what about a battery? Using a Midtronics battery tester, it will be possible to identify the efficiency of a battery at service or replacement level and the customer can be quickly advised of the current status of the battery and its future functionality. All data can be detailed on an optional   infra red printer or downloaded to a PC.

midtronics battery testerA Midtronics battery tester is the most up to date and cost effective and easy to use tester. The unique technology makes testing of discharged batteries possible, and once tested, a hard copy print out is available for the customer.

Midtronics test method allows battery testing and diagnostic charging to be safer, fast, simple and able to be performed in front of the customer. Each battery test takes just 7 seconds.
Midtronics Battery Testers will provide an increased level of service, increase     battery revenue and efficient battery management for the workshop. Each tester is supplied with 2 years warranty.

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