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BrakeCheck a valuable tool for VOSA Inspections.

A device which documents when brakes have been checked

VOSA are continually advising operators, commercial repairers and in house workshops to complete regular inspection sheet brake test in their Best Practice Guide to Brake Testing. VOSA state “check brake performance regularly as part of your maintenance procedures. It is also beneficial to test brakes as part of the vehicles preparation for it’s annual test.”

BrakeCheck is a portable battery-powered device that can be used by vehicle workshops, government traffic authorities, testing and inspection stations to test and report on vehicle brake efficiency. BrakeCheck is VOSA & MOT approved.  BrakeCheck provides a hard copy print out that is time and date stamped to prove brakes are checked to the required efficiency.

Paul Winson of Winson Coaches of Loughborough purchased a BrakeCheck from aide automotive more than 5 years ago.

He explained

BrakeCheck is still a valuable tool for our workshop and has been for many years! We believe that regular brake testing is a must for commercial operators and recording the test with a print out is equally as important as the test itself. We took it upon ourselves to offer a brake test but  VOSA now request a regular proven test for every inspection.”

You can find out more information on BrakeCheck on the Aide Automotive web site.

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