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Truck Fresnel Mirror Lens

July 6th, 2015 Comments off

Truck Fresnel Lens

Blind Spot Lens Receives Excellent Feedback

Due to a blind spot, drivers of trucks cannot see smaller vehicles or other vulnerable road users which are immediately next to the passenger side door of their HGV. These unseen road users can be hit if the truck changes lane in their direction.

DVSA says, “Even the latest HGVs with a full complement of six mirrors, in compliance with the latest EU directive, still have blind spots to the passenger side which are large enough to hide a family saloon car. The solution is to fit a special Fresnel lens.”

Fresnel lenses are now accepted as a very important visual safety aid for HGV drivers and so organisations such as Transport for London and Crossrail insist that trucks are fitted with lenses before being allowed to undertake transportation work on busy urban roads.

A recent customer stated “Great item, the Lens is as described, thanks for fast postage!”.

Another customer past comment with “Very pleased with the Truck Fresnel Lens, happy to purchase further products. Many thanks!”

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Truck Blind Spot Lens Receives Excellent Feedback

Fresnel lenses are now accepted by Transport for London

Van Blind Spots addressed with van view

January 23rd, 2011 No comments

Blind spots in your mirror are a common problem for any driver but especially in a van.  Address these blind spots with VanView! The blind spot  in vans is the area directly after the door often means drivers are leaning over their steering wheel because they cannot see beyond the panel. VanView is a half sized lens that press fits snugly to the van’s passenger side window glass allowing you to see down that side of the van. It can be used on all vans, although it particularly addresses the issue that the larger end of the LCV marketseem to have.

Similar to the HGV lens, VanView attaches to the nearside window, mitigating the blind spot that standard mirrors and window views do not cover, and helps when changing motorway lanes, manoeuvring into a tight loading bay or avoiding concrete bollards.

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