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Truck Fuel Tank Alarm Installer Approved

June 17th, 2020 Comments off

Truck Fuel Tank Alarm Installer Approved

Following the approval of a NEW TankGuard Installer This Week.

AE Teesside have sent through some new photos of the customer HGV & Tank Alarm Install.

Paul Loughran Transport’s DAF truck was fitted in an excellent time for a first install. Paul contacted aide automotive to discuss the tank alarm product as a solution to a continued fuel theft attempt on his truck, looking at the cost we agreed to let AE Teesside (a local tachograph centre) to install the fuel security alarm and become an official installer for the north east of England.

Tank Guard automatically arms after the ignition has been switched off for sixty seconds. With a sophisticated sensor fitted externally in a discreet location on the outside of the fuel tank. If thieves attempt to remove the locked cap, or jemmy out the sender unit or in any way attack the tank then the Tank Guard alarm will be activated. This will result in a 114 decibel siren giving a deafening warning to drive the thieves away.

Contact aide automotive on 0115 8456471 to discuss our Fuel Theft prevention products for HGV’s.

HGV Alarm Installer
Truck Fuel Tank Alarm Installer Approved