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Tow Bar Electrical Tester

September 17th, 2011 Comments off

13 Pin Tow Bar Tester For MOT
2012 MOT Requirement for Testing 13 Pin Tow Bars
With the new requirement of testing 13 Pin tow bar electrics from January 20012, aide automotive have introduced a tester for the “professionals “ The Tow Bar Tester Pro.
Testing 13 pin tow bar electrics will be a growing requirement of the MOT over the next 3 years with many new cars having a tow bars with 13 pin rather than the 7 pin socket used in the past. Also when caravans moved to 13 pin sockets in 2009 many cars had 13 pin sockets installed so a number of cars will need testing within 2012 and many more in 2003 and 4.
MOT Garages will need a VOSA approved tester to carry out this test and we believe The Tow Bar Tester Pro is the ultimate tester for testing all old and modern day tow bar systems, The Tow Bar Tester Pro has been designed and produced by industry tow bar electric system leaders Right Connections Ltd to be the best all round tester available.
The Tow Bar Tester Pro is built in a rugged case with actual bulbs to replicate all lights and to test as if a trailer was connected, with this there is no risk of confusion of failure or incorrectly failing a vehicle. Some low cost testers that use LED’s have shown inconsistent results when testing tow bars and indicating faults when there is not! Also found with low cost tester was that if the power line is not present on the tow bar socket then the tester will not work at all!!
Tow Bar Tester Pro incorporates a self test facility as required by VOSA specification, powered from the vehicle with a 13 pin cable long enough to connect to the tow bar socket, the operator will activate all tests via toggle switches on the main control board from the drivers seat.
In addition to the MOT requirement test The Tow Bar Tester Pro will also test the flasher warning system on the towing vehicle, although this is not part of the MOT test as yet, but if it ever becomes so Tow Bar Tester Pro incorporates this test. As the MOT garages have seen over the years, new requirements often have special notice amendments to update the test with unforeseen requirements from the first test specification; we believe this could be the case in the future as under European law there is a legal requirement for flashers on the trailer to be monitored by the towing vehicle for failure.
As the Tow Bar Tester Pro is the ultimate towing electrical tester it can also be used to test the positive 12 volt live and positive 15 volt ignition live, to complete all tow bar electrical tests the Tow Bar Tester Pro will also test the reverse lamp. As this is the most comprehensive tester on the market every  tow bar test undertaken will leave you satisfied all aspects of the tow bar electrics are working and your customer can tow with confidence.
So with the RIGHT tester there is no chance of wasting time consulting VOSA on erratic test readings, no chance of incorrect failures and usages beyond the MOT test.


Contact aide automotive to purchase a Tow Bar Tester Pro.