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Midtronics Printer For Battery Testers

October 2nd, 2015 Comments off

aide automotive Stock A Range of Second & New Midtronics Printers

Midtronics is committed to using there patented technologies to satisfy many customers.

Midtronics products products are carefully crafted and easy-to-use, with an impressive growth and success in worldwide transportation and stationary power markets, Midtroncis Battery Testers are talked about as the Rolls Royce of Battery Testers.

aide automotive offer a range of battery testers for commercial vehicle battery testing, with this we also offer a range of replacement parts, a repair service and new or second hand products.

At present we have a range of 2nd hand printers in a very good condition.

Midtronics Printer Infrared Printer A087

The Midtroncis Infrared printer is used with the following models – EXP-1000, EXP-1000 HD, HYB-1000, MDX-640/650

We can also offer the Charger Adapter for the Midtroncis A087 Infrared Printer & replacement rechargeable batteries.

Prices range from £125 for 2nd hand printers to the RRP of £245 for new Midtronics printers.

If you require a new printer or a back up please call 0115 8456471 or email


Midtronics Printer For Battery Testers

The Midtroncis Infrared printer is used with the following models – EXP-1000, EXP-1000 HD, HYB-1000, MDX-640/650

Midtronics Power Sensor Micro 505 Battery Tester Offer

July 27th, 2015 Comments off

Midtronics Power Sensor Micro 505 Battery Tester Offer

aide automotive are able to offer a great deal on a 2nd hand Midtronics Battery Tester & Printer.

The RRP of this kit is over £600.00 but this kit is available for just £295.00 +carriage & vat!

The kit is in very good condition.

There is only the one kit and it will sell fast so please call or email to purchase ASAP!

The Midtronics Micro 505 is for testing 6 and 12 volt automotive, commercial and marine batteries and for testing 12 and 24 volt charging systems. It provides the ability to test the complete charging system, including the battery, starter, and alternator.

System includes:

PowerSensor Micro 500 Analyzer w/Cables
Analyzer Manual
Midtronics Infrared Printer w/partial Roll of Printer Paper
New Roll of Paper for Printer
Hard Plastic Carrying/Storage Case
Printer Instruction Manual

Call 0115 8456471 or email via the contact form here – aide automotive.


Battery Tester With Printer

Midtronics Power Sensor Micro 505 Battery Tester Offer

Vehicle 12 volt Battery Testing In Winter

November 19th, 2012 Comments off

This winter maintaining vehicles becomes more important to ensure that everything is working correctly. Employers don’t need stranded vehicles in cold wintery conditions because of issues such as flat batteries. Similarly in winter weather it’s vital to ensure that their vehicles are in top condition, regularly checking the condition of batteries and tyres can prevent accidents in icy conditions. There are a number of  products on the market that assist through the winter.

A vehicle’s battery is not very demanding, and most often only thought about when it fails. But just a small amount of care and mantainence will help insure it doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

Lack of battery care and maintenance combined with cold weather has a way of bringing out the borderline batteries that were fine in the summer, but don’t have the power for a cold weather start. And not just winter, battery care and maintenance is a year round requirement. You want to catch a bad battery before it lets you down, usually on one of the coldest days of the year.

Testing and maintaining a battery is fairly simple and only requires a few basic tools.

If you have a car, van or truck battery, it is highly recommended that you use a good quality battery tester like a Midtronics tester. There are quite a few types of Midtronics testers. The latest MDX665P with built in printer are much easier to read and I don’t have to stand there trying techncial information.

Scania Dealer Keltruck stated “The use of the tester has been excellent on winter service routines and when carrying out vehicle inspections, easy to use and with the benefit of a built in printer we have a hard copy report of the battery state for our records. Winter is a problem time for batteries and poor batteries will cause no starts which is a problem for our customers, testing and reporting healthy batteries will stop no starts and keep our customers vehicles on the road. Furthermore I can add all the products and back up service I have requested from aide automotive has been second to none.”


Truck Battery Tester

Midtronics battery tester