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Testing Trailer Brakes

January 23rd, 2014 Comments off

How to Use A Decelerometer For Trailer Brake Tests

Trailer maintenance requires to be as professional as truck maintenance, Carrying out a inspection brake test on trailer doe not mean an expensive Roller Brake Test.

Research has concluded that using a product like BrakeCheck to test trailers brakes is beneficial but will not indicate a below par efficiency on a particular wheel or brake, although using an Infra Red Thermometer as well will increase your awareness of a faulty brake or a low efficiency brake.


VOSA’s Mark Pattison has stated “A decelerometer is not the ideal method to test the braking of a vehicle and trailer combination. However it is of some use. You are correct that the checking of individual wheels would not show up in a test result. The way to use a decelerometer is to first test the drawing vehicle on its own. Then connect the trailer and the deceleration rate should be similar i.e. the trailer is doing its fair share of work. This is not an exact science but would be enough to give you confidence the trailer brakes were working.”


This system is ideal for commercial operations to improve maintenance records for trailers and increase awareness of a trailers brake performance between the annual roller brake tests. Offering a print out of the combination tractor and trailer performance with brake temperatures will improve quality procedures and health & safety paper work. It is often said in today’s age paper work to protect directors and managers from the corporate manslaughter or health and safety law is essential.
aide automotive have designed an inspection sheet for trailers using the BrakeCheck and thermometer, if you require a copy email with subject heading Trailer Inspection Sheet.


aide automotive also recommend to test the pressure on brake chambers, this will increase your past rate for trailer parking brakes.

To discuss trailer brake testing further call aide automotive on 0115 8456471.