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Trailer Wiring Tester for small Semi Trailers such as Ifor Williams

April 26th, 2017 Comments off

12 Volt Trailer & Caravan Lights Tester

New Product – TestaTow Is A Universal Towing Tester

TestaTow is a 12 Volt portable Trailer Wiring Tester for small Semi Trailers such as Ifor Williams, horse box trailers & Caravans.
TestaTow will also test the towing bar of a vehicle on 13 pin or 7 pin socket towbar versions.
This Trailer Wiring Tester 12 Volt TestaTow is the professionals choice, portable and well constructed the 12 Volt TestaTow quickly tests any trailer without the need of a vehicle or battery. No more carrying car batteries around and DIY wire connections, built in a ergonomic housing TestaTow also test caravans with a fridge battery circuit test.
TestaTow has a radio remote control for vehicle walk round testing and visual rear towing vehicle inspection.
To make TestaTow the one stop towing tester, we have incorporated a Tow Bar Test, with 13 pin and a 7 pin socket. Tow Bar Testing is now part of the statutory MOT test.
Ifor Williams recommend – “For trailers that receive heavy, daily use (such as commercial or plant) it is recommended that a service is carried out once every 6 months or so”
TestaTow can be used by large fleet companies such as facility management to a single caravan maintenance engineer.
To learn more about TestaTow The Ultimate Towing Vehicle 12 Volt Tester, please contact us via our website “aide automotive” or phone 0115 8456471
Tests Semi trailers For Electrical Quaility

Trailer, Caravan Electrical Lights Tester