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Commercial truck Fuel Theft

April 23rd, 2014

IRU’s Guidance to Prevent Transport Fuel Theft

To address the rising issue of fuel theft in commercial transport, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) has unanimously adopted new guidelines for road transport operators based on monitoring, prevention and reporting, and recommended their immediate implementation.fuel-pump
The guidelines highlight the importance of having a fuel inventory, as well as comparing vehicle usage records to the amount of fuel used. Moreover, active monitoring enables transport operators to rapidly identify when a theft has occurred.
In order to prevent fuel theft, the guidelines recommend:
Regular use of secure parking – As many thefts happen in unsecured parking areas, “defensive parking” is strongly advised, which includes locating and using secure parking areas, available through the IRU’sTRANSPark app.
Use of fuel theft devices – Aftermarket products can make vehicle fuel tanks less vulnerable, including locking fuel caps, anti-siphon devices and a device linked to the vehicle alarm that monitors the fuel tank and sounds if there is a sudden drop in the fuel level without the engine running.
Installation of security lighting – Road transport companies are advised to install effective security lighting on company premises to make certain areas safer, as well as parking vehicles in a way that allows clear visibility of fuel tanks at night, for passers-by, neighbours and the police.
Post appropriate security signage – Displaying visible signs that indicate the use of video surveillance or any other form of security, is one of the most effective forms of security according to scientific studies.
Finally, the guidelines highlight the importance of reporting fuel theft to the police and insurance companies. This serves the dual function of identifying national hotspots, which can lead to an increase in prosecution, and also increases awareness in areas if reports are sent to the local press.
Commenting on the new guidelines, IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto, said, “Adopting them was the easy part. The real work is now ahead of us, which means helping raise awareness in the industry, so that road transport operators everywhere can effectively take action and put a stop to fuel theft.
TP Anti-Syph, Fuel Theft Device

TP Anti-Syph, Fuel Theft Device

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