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Fuel theft common problem as fuel prices rise

As fuel prices increase so does the cases of fuel theft, as it’s value increases it becomes even more of a commodity for thieves looking to syphon fuel from an engine.

Matthew Burke of aide automotive says that enquiries for his fuel theft device increase when the price of fuel increases too. In a recent interview with contractandleasing.com he tells of the demand for fuel theft devices.  He also explains about the problems organisations face when they’re targeted by thieves wanting to siphon fuel from fleets of vehicles.

In a question and answer session with the website, Matthew Burke says the following

Q: Fuel prices rose again January with additional fuel duty and VAT increase piled on. Do you think this will lead to an increase in fuel siphoning?

A: Every time fuel prices rise our enquiry ratio rises with it and ultimately anti-siphon device orders. A common phrase of “we had diesel siphoned last night” is included in most enquiries. With fuel price rises operators see how much fuel siphoning is hurting the financial side of the business and a small outlay could save thousands in the long run. Fuel siphoning is here to stay in the UK with more incidents reported every month. New reports of fuel station bunkers being hit by the thieves shows that by protecting one sector another is targeted, this is also the case if a transport yard has been targeted and then fitted anti-siphoning devices as the next local transport business is usual hit by siphoning

To read the full interview click interview with fuel theft device interview or click aide automotive to find out more on the full range of products that the company offers.

Fuel theft device to prevent thieves siphoning fuel from a vehicle

Fuel theft device to prevent thieves siphoning fuel from a vehicle

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