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Fuel Theft Camera

August 1st, 2013

aide automotive are pleased to release a new Fuel Prevention Product For the Commercial Vehicle market, Fuel Theft Prevention Camera

Companies who have fitted or made an enquiry about our range of anti siphon devices have show concern of tank attacks, although our research has no evidence of tank attacks once the diesel thief is confronted with an anti siphon, a Fuel Theft Camera could well be the option to rest concerns.

A waterproof camera designed for the view of the Truck Diesel Fuel Tank, a motion sensor will activate the camera when someone is moving around the tank.

With GPS and real time recording, a detailed report of attempted or actual fuel theft will be video recorded for evidence.

Sale Director Matt Burke Said “We know that fuel theft is ongoing, adding a camera to our product range now covers many areas of prevention of commercial vehicle fuel theft. We say Stop Fuel Theft Now.”

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Fuel Theft Prevention Camera

Anti Fuel Theft Camera for Truck Diesel Tanks

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