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Fuel Theft Diesel

May 15th, 2012

aide automotive offer product to protect from Diesel Theft.

TP Anti Syph and FuelKeep Value are two cost effective products to stop quick siphoning of fuel from truck tanks.

TankGuard is the latest product to protect diesel, this new fuel tank alarm will sound once the fuel cap is removed.

All the above anti fuel theft products could have protected RK Transports 800 Litres of Diesel!

800 litres of fuel stolen from RK Transport Services

Willenhall-based RK Transport Services has been hit by a series of diesel thefts in the past year, with the latest incident seeing thieves siphon off 800 litres of fuel costing the firm around £1,000.   Dave Barlow, sales manager at the haulier, says the intruders entered the site and broke the locking fuel caps off four lorries to obtain access to the diesel.   The West Midlands firm, which runs a fleet of 30 vehicles and specialises in general haulage, is now waiting on planning permission to tighten security with higher perimeter fences.

Story taken from Commercial Motor News dated – 8.5.12

Stop Fuel Theft

Stop Fuel Theft With A Anti Siphon

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