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Truck and Trailer Diagnostics

Truck and Trailer diagnostics are a crucial element in maintaining vehicles especially as the engines and electrics become increasingly sophisticated. One recent customer “CPA Commercials” realised that as they worked with several maintenance contracts on multi brand vehicles, they needed to support their customer’s diagnostic needs. CPA’s mobile fitter, Chris, had been referring vehicles to main dealers for fault code reading and programming, making this referral each time was costing his customer more money and adding time to repairs – meaning the vehicle was out of service for longer than and having the truck off the road!
CPA placed an enquiry with aide automotive to consider purchasing a diagnostic tool so they could do it themselves in house.  We provided an on site demonstration to show him how easy our diagnostic kit is to operate. This cost effective solution means they can now diagnose all fault codes themselves, saving both time and money.

I have been using the aide automotive tool for a few months now, I am extremely impressed, especially with the level of support for DAF and Mercedes. It’s also helped to diagnose faults on several trailer braking systems. The tool is well on its way to paying for itself and I would recommend it to anyone!”
Chris, CPA Commercials.


If you’d like to arrange a no-obligation site demonstration click Truck Diagnostics to contact us

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