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Towbar Electrical Socket Testers

June 8th, 2010
The T Bar Testers are small simple testers for the 12N & 12S Sockets of a car or light commercials tow bar electrical sockets.

Each tester applies a low load test to prove the function of your Black 12N & Grey 12S sockets.

Easy to use and quick, these testers offer a service garage the option to quickly offer customers an extra test to prove the tow bar electrical sockets are working correcrlty.

As most towing people never check or test this socket, a garage can hopefully prevent inconvience to the customer by identifiying a fault before they need the system to tow trailers or caravans.

Priced at £15 + vat each aide automotive are happy to offer a special deal of both testers for £25.00 +vat.

aide automotive also offer a caravan electrical tester and a 12 volt trailer testers.


12 N Tow Bar Tester

12 N Tow Bar Tester

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