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Brake Testing Software now Windows 7 compatible!

CabCheckS is the PC software that enables BrakeChecks brake test results to be downloaded to a PC. This software is now compatible with Windows 7.

CabCheck software is a better option than a portable printer as it gives you the ability to download, store and print brake tests from your PC. CabCheckS gives the professional edge to Brake Testing, by the capacity to print onto a sheet of A4 quality paper compared to the portable hand held print outs. And another bonus is the BrakeCheck and a PC kit is cheaper than buying a BrakeCheck and printer.

Another benefit is the additional option of adding extra details to the print out for instance comments can be made on the ground condition, brake maintenance, weather and performance. Printing tests and saving to the PC hard drive is at the click of a button. Each printed test report can be  embedded with your company name.

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